spinnxs eco

eco spinner

Opalio Media is working on the next generation of green digital signage media. Wind powered rotating signs and billboards that generate their own energy.

The spinnXS is fitted with reflective segmented displays from e-ink. These displays do not emit light but reflect it, just like ink on paper. Therefore the screens are highly visible in daylight. These displays are also very energy efficient: they only require power when an image is refreshed. The first displays applied are segmented displays: blinking messages that are a mix of printed signage and active print.

The medium is seamlessly integrated with powergenerator and battery to make them generate and store their own energy. We use this feature to develop outdoor displays that are self-powered and can operate stand alone. No need for wired or large batteries.

The advantages

    • high impact
    • 360 degree visibility
    • sustainable communication
    • low to no CO2 emission
    • no light polution

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